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Schoolwhiteboard  System – A user- Friendly and affordable Web Based School Management System


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WhiteBoard School Management System is a platform that helps simplify administration digitally.

It removes all paperwork there by increasing effectiveness and efficiency in overall day today operation with in all department throughout school.

Every school should be a smart school.

WhiteBoard School Management System

School Management System for modern schools using cutting- edge technology to provide you comprehensive, easy to use web-based school management system helps you to bring the brand to life. From concept to shining reality, we provide everything you need. The key benefit is you can save money, save lots of time & making best of resources.

We Find Problem In Schools

Our team can suggest management improvement and administrative Issue in school

We Provide Solution For Schools

Helps increase flow of information with in departments their by helping school focus on students development than management activities

We Provide Continuous Support

We are available 365 days and 24/7 for support and service 

School Management System

The best way to manage a school is through a successful and timely web-based WhiteBoard School Management System

"Built For Student Success"


Management System

WhiteBoard school management system is an online school management software based on cloud server which can be accessed from anywhere at anytime. It has covered all as aspect of management,communication, support. Simple and easy to use, designed for the users, through which one can easily use key features and experience smooth navigation’s.

school management system
School whiteboard

The Benefits of using whiteBoard school management system is that it reduces workload, reduction in cost of communication,transparency with parents communication, saves natural resources,increases productivity.
it makes Student-Teacher collaboration easy.