Please note: 1-2 people from your organisation can participate in onboarding. You must have an active SMS system to get started.

How does on-boarding work?

You are invited to online sessions of 30-90 minutes in which you will be guided by an expert in School Whiteboard and our school management System.


    What School Whiteboard does and how the School Management System works


    layout, finance code and data upload/import preparation


    Uploading your data to School Whiteboard School Management System


    Choose the subjects that matter to you and we will help you with these specific issues and with everything you need.

  5. Q&A

    Your chance to ask final questions

Have Any Questions?

Onboarding FAQ's

How does it work?

India – 50 rs per Student).

You must have an active SMS subscription when you order onboarding so that you have a SMS system on which to do it. We collect the onboarding fee along with your subscription.

Onboarding is not highly technical, but you do need an understanding of data. You don’t need to have a Computer Science degree but having an eye for process and data would help. You are likely to be a regular user of SMS. It is also essential to know and communicate what you want to achieve with your use of SMS.

We invite 1 or 2 people from your organisation to be on the calls – no more. We use screenshare to walk through the content with you on your live SMS system. We keep a shared record of the actions and “homework” that you need to do before the next call. At the end of a call we put the next one in the diary.

You need an active SMS system. If you have professional, you must have an active subscription – which means that you are ready to start using the system.

Onboarding sessions can be rescheduled or cancelled free of charge, up until 24 hours before the scheduled start time of your session. Cancellations with less than 24 hours notice will incur a charge of rs 2000  (we’ll have set aside the time for your onboarding and may not be able to use that time for other work at short notice).

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