Fee Fine

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Fee Fine #

To create a new Fee type for a school, you must first.

Log in as the super admin and enter setup module then click on the Fee fine;

A late payment penalty is a fee incurred if a person does not pay off their fees on time. it’s important to pay attention to when they are due so that they can be paid with enough time to spare in order to avoid these fee penalties.

To create a new Fee fine, click on add new.

This will show the fee fine form here fee type, fee group, Amount In Type & Fine Type is a mandatory field.

After entering all details click submit button to create a new fee fine.

Fee fine Module helps us to fix fee fine amount. To fix fee fine amount you have to go in setup module and click fee fine icon, this will show fee fine icon form.

here  fee group, fine type,  amount in type , fee amount, fine type all these field are   mandatory field. This module helps us to set fee fine amount as per fee group and fee type.   

After entering all details click submit button to set fee fine.

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